Sunday, January 24, 2010

Techmarine on "Thunderwolf"

My yet to be named Iron Priest on his "Thunderwolf". I didn't think that a techmarine would run around on a biological mount, and though it may be confusing since an Iron Priest can also take a bike mount, I think once I have it painted up with a wolfy-looking paint job, it'll look more believable. I didn't want to shell out loads of cash for a techmarine when i was just going to use him from the waist up, so i made my own from the rhino driver front chest plate and shoulder pad, and i modelled his backpack from the space marine command sprue and the servo arm from the rocket launcher backpack. Simple, easy, and using almost exclusively leftover bits. Pretty effective, and beats spending 40 bucks on Canis and 20-30 on a techmarine.

1 comment:

  1. I think he looks great. Can't wait to see him painted. Great work on using bits to save some cash, I'm all for that line of thinking.