Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Space Wolves

Alright. First pic here is my kitbashed Thunderwolf Lord. This is my second Wolf Lord so far, and I think I will follow one of my friend's suggestions and call him MC Hammer. 6 s10 power weapon attacks on the charge is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you can ensure that he always hits on 3+.

This is my first wolf lord, Heihachi. I hope my poor paint job doesn't spoil the resemblance. I usually run him with either Warrior Born or Saga of the Bear, depending how I'm feeling. Both have their advantages, as being killed by a hiding powerfist is never fun, but wiping out a squad before they can strike has it's perks too.

This is the same TH/SS Wolfguard that I took pics of earlier, but with a better picture quality. This is one of the few models I've painted that doesn't look like absolute crap, so enjoy!

And here is my Wolf Priest. Runs along with skyclaws and makes sure they behave. Simple enough to convert from a Jump Chaplain, new head, new staff of office, little wolfy talisman. DONE!
If you'll notice, His foot is a little... absent. When I got the model, his leg just ended in a blob, so I called up Gw and they sent out a replacement. I still thought that the defective model had character though, so i tried to clip the blob that was his foot off in an attempt to give him a peg leg. Strange, I know. The end result was that I broke my favorite clippers.

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