Monday, December 21, 2009

Wolf Guard Terminator

My first Wolf Guard Terminator "finished" so far. This particular guy is armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, not because I think it is an efficient layout, but because it looks pretty damn cool. At 63 points a model for this particular layout, I wouldn't dream of trying to spam these! In tactical terms, This guy and my Wold Lord are going to serve as meatshields for the rest of the squad, If needed. The plan is to have 2 power weapon/ frost blade termies, a power weapon/frost blade/heavy flamer, and a TH/SS. They should join a Wolf Lord w/Wolf Claws and a Wolf Priest in a Land Raider Crusader and barrel towards enemy CC monsters and deathstars, rerolling to-hits and 14 Wolf claws to wound. Against Similar squads they should hold their own, with maybe a bit of advantage from a pre-charge flamer blast and fearless. Against things like Nob bikers, they should be able to lay down an impressive number of wounds at I5-4, and then deal an instant death or two(if I'm lucky). If the ork player allocated away from the painboy, the final thunderhammer blow has a good chance of Instant Death-ing him and taking out his Feel No Pain in preparation for another unit to charge later, or for shooting to pulp them later should the combat end badly.


  1. I can't even fathom how people can paint this well. People say that the quality will come in time but it's hard to believe I will ever field a model as pretty as that. Kudos!

  2. Well, thanks haha. Washes REALLY help, My painting would be horrible without washes. Even so, the pictures make it look better than it really is.