Monday, May 16, 2011

Selling the Wolves :(

Yup. After over a year of playing space wolves, I've decided to retire the army from my collection. Why? I've realized that I have to be asleep at the wheel while playing to lose with them. Wolves are just too good to be any fun for me, from the start of the game you can have your opponent outmatched, and any competent general can use this leverage to pull out nonstop wins.

That, and this will allow me to divert funds into an army that is underrepresented in the area. I just need an army to keep me interested in the game until the return of the Tau. I recently picked up the Dark Eldar codex, so I may give them a try. Word around the internets is that they are an army that requires actual tactics and finesse, so hopefully I'll be able to learn something from playing them.

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