Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Orcs and Goblins book?

Story of the day on the GW site here:

one of the pics of the design studio here...

Right there, behind the binder.
Shoddy MS paint skills, perhaps someone fluent in photoshop could do a good job of cropping or rotating it. Looks like the text says orcs and goblins to me, but that is definitely not the current OG cover.
Anyways, conspiracy time over, does anyone else have any thoughts on this? am I just crazy? or is this perhaps another army book and I can't read clearly?


  1. I think that may actually be the prior edition.

    However, the binder itself does say "Orcs & Goblins" so maybe they're working on them.

  2. haha, I guess it helps to look that sort of thing up first. I had thought the previous edition was the 5th ed cover with no border, but I guess I was mistaken. Nice catch with the binder, by the way, I didn't even see that.