Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Thoughts...

Clearly I am not the sort of gamer that has any skill at painting, modelling, or converting. I can try my hand at each of these in a usually futile manner, but I like to pretend that my particular skill is in tactics and list building. When I first showed up at my local game store's 1750 point tournament with little more than a few vehicles and a horde of firewarriors and kroot. Since then I have diversified my army and expanded it to include at least one unit of each type available in the Tau Empire codex(with the exception of Sniper Drone Teams).
Still, I have NEVER understood why so many players use one particular unit-
XV8 Crisis Suit, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker
over 60 points a model for something that is.... well, versatile. And that is about it. You have a unit that is quite expensive, not too accurate at all, and has a weapon loadout that supports generalization over excellence in any area.
One the one side, you have the Missile Pod. Essentially an Autocannon on an infantry model. Relatively cheap, long range, mid-high strength, this weapon is KING at taking out light to medium armour.
One the other side, the Plasma Rifle. Essentially a Plasma Gun you have to pay extra for, plus less strength. At least it doesn't get hot, right? This gun has a single purpose-blowing away heavy infantry at medium to close range.
So we've got two very different weapons, one designed for light armour busting, and one designed for heavy infantry killing. One is close range, one is long range. One has High AP, one has Low AP. Neither really have anything to do with each other, so why would you spend such a high amount on a suit that excels at nothing? Consider your Multi-Tracker as well-that's 5 points that only exists to allow you to fire both of these weapons at one target... not very efficient.
Now let's look at a new suit- XV8 Crisis suit, TL Missile Pods, Target lock/BSF. Here we have a far better transport busting unit, as twin linking the missile pods greatly increases accuracy. I personally prefer having a mix of target locks and blacksun filters in my unit, as it allows for a few suits to split their fire if needed, it differentiates units for wound allocation, and it nearly ensures that you get the crucial first turn hits on dawn of war deployment. Doubling sighting distance WITH rerolls is very mean indeed, as usually all you will need to roll is a 4 or 5 on 2d6 to sight your enemy during this deployment. Even better, this suit costs a little over 40 points, so is cheap, and if the situation should call for it, it is disposable and distracting as well. Most player's I've faced put a disproportionate amount of effort into killing your "elite" looking units, and if they spend a turn or two chasing after them, your plan will usually prosper. This unit can perform a lethal alpha-strike in dawn of war or any other deployment, crippling light transports and then seeking out targets of opportunity. I've had games where a unit of 3 have immobilized 3 Chimeras simultaneously.... while they were still in the deployment zone!

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